Balauteo School

Headmaster:  Bhubaneshwor  Baniya

bala3Balauteo School has 60 children aged 3 to 8 years. There is a new school building funded partly by the Government, partly by the community. It holds a staff room and 2 classrooms but some of the classrooms are still being used in the old building which has crumbling walls with large cracks. There are no toilets so children have to use the surrounding area.


2014 report by Trustee Liz Wherity

There are now 42 children in the school with 3 teachers, all of whom attended the teacher training. The children in the school are very low cast and very poor, they are from the Sarki and Damai cast.

The school has few resources and despite new classrooms, the general feel is pretty grim. However, there are new toilets, which is a vast improvement on 3 years ago. There are 2 new classrooms but the others being used are still very basic.

All the teachers were very impressed by the training and wished to have more, they even expressed a desire for a five-day session with accommodation so that everyone could get the most out of it.