Shree Mandali Higher Secondary School

Headmaster: Nabaraj Adhikari

mand1 Shree Mandali Higher Secondary School has 750 children aged 3 to 18 years. The buildings are comparatively reasonable apart from one that has been damaged by earthquake and is unusable. It is hoped the Government will fund the repairs. KASIN is helping to fund the creation of a Resource Centre here providing a library and computers for the use of Mandali School and all the schools in the community, this being quite a central location. A solar panel has been installed which will power the 2 laptop computers already provided but none of the teachers are computer literate so there is a great need for training in this area. The school also needs funding for more English teachers as currently there is only one. English is the language used for all further education so is vitally important.

2014 report by Trustee Liz Wherity


Garlands galore

We were greeted with more garlands than we ever thought possible! They have about 720 children in very small classes of 10 to 20. Nabaraj is still head. They have a library funded by KASIN including the laptop that we had funded. The library had lots of resources and books that could be used for teachers, students, local schools and the local community. The youngest children were seated informally on the floor with carpeting and cushions with stimulating pictures on the wall.


Shree Mandali Higher Secondary School

The science lab

The science equipment was almost non-existent consisting of a pile of dusty and broken resources in a dingy storeroom. The room had been used as a store when the Agricultural college was being built. They had no Science lab and teachers would carry any equipment to other classrooms to use it but it was of no use anyway. The science teacher spoke good English and had been there for 2 years but was desperate to receive some proper training and was keen to have some input from a UK teacher. Science was taught to several age groups.


Shree Mandali Higher Secondary School

KASIN funded library and resource centre

Shree Mandali Higher Secondary School

Well organised infant classes

Shree Mandali Higher Secondary School

The school cook