Shree Hilepokhari Lower Secondary School

Headmaster: Chuda Bikram Simkhada

hilep2 Shree Hilepokhari Lower Secondary School has 200 children aged 3 to 15 years. Unfortunately it was dark by the time we arrived and as there is no electricity or lanterns and very few torches, we were unable to see the state of the buildings which the Headmaster said are unsafe. He is worried the school will have to close if a new building cannot be provided. There is no water supply and the existing toilet has been damaged and cannot be used. There are few teaching resources and no library.

2014 report by Trustee Liz Wherity

hilep1We had a lovely welcome at this school with red powder and scarves. The Headmaster is Chuda Bikram Simkhada.

They have a new classroom which is still being constructed, funded by INGO, although only half has been paid up to now. They now have electricity which is local and available when it is dark. Solar panels are expected to arrive soon.

The toilets are still not working as there is no water supply. It would cost around Rs 30,000 (£200) to make a simple link to the water near to the school.

The school has 130 pupils aged 3-15 years, they have 9 teachers, 3 male and 6 female and 5 speak English. 4 teachers have attended Harihar’s training and all thought it was excellent and were keen to put what they had learnt into practice, some of which was evident.

The school has many new resources that are beginning to come from the local community. They also have a small library sponsored by The Indian Embassy, housing books that are mainly for the older children. The younger children had books in their classrooms. The school has 6 computers which are used when there is electricity but has no internet.

hilep3hilep5hilep4Shree Hilepokhari Lower Secondary School