Sitala Devi School

Headmistress: Sarita Nepal

sitala1Sitala Devi School has 45 children aged 3 to 8 years. There is a new school building funded by the community but they need classroom furniture and a wall around the playground which at present has no boundaries. Teaching here is comparatively progressive and good use is made of the resources they have.


2014 report by Trustee Liz Wherity

sitala3The numbers of children in the school are still the same as three years ago. The Headmistress is still Sarita. The classroom for early years was a delight to behold and it was obvious that Harihar’s training was certainly being used to full effect. It transpired that all members of staff had attended his training and thought it was fantastic and extremely beneficial.

Some of the classrooms still need more furniture, which would probably cost about Rs15,000 – Rs20,000 (£100 – £130) but this school had changed enormously in the three years since the last visit.

sitala2Sitala Devi School