After School Clubs

We have 6 After Schools Clubs and we have found that they are amongst the most cost- effective ways of improving Education in more marginalised communities in Nepal. They provide a safe place to be after school for 2 or 3 hours and the children receive help with their Reading and Maths. Many of the parents are not educated and their homes often have no electricity.
School dropout rates have decreased and the exam performance of children attending the After Schools has massively improved.

How the 1st After School Club came about

This project was set up By the Holy Himalaya Trust following the 2015 earthquake. This is a very poor Newari Community whose village was totally destroyed by the earthquake.

In return for emergency food aid , the community constructed an earth bag building by filling empty rice sacks with sieved soil. Each course of bags is fixed by a layer of barbed wire and steel rods inserted through the bags at regular intervals

When finished the building was skimmed with mud plaster and painted. After some indecision about the colour, a bit of everything was used!! This building became the first “After School Club” Children can go here for a few hours after school each day. It is a safe place where they are helped to do their homework and to improve their Maths and written work by a trained teacher and 2 teaching assistants which we fund at a cost of £1,000/year. We have also paid for the teacher to attend a Montesori training class.