Our School and Community Health promotion officer has now been appointed – Covid restrictions meant that the interview was held on zoom , some in Kathmandu some in Tamang Kharka and some in Yorkshire !

This is a joint project by Kasin, Green Tara Nepal and Tamang Kharka School. Kasin will be funding the salary and Green Tara are providing her training. Rotary Clubs of Skipton and Settle are also contributing with a District grant to help set up the project.

Latest news from our new After School Club

and below , the post from Nepal announcing the opening

KASIN with marginalized community in Gangagamuna 5!Yes, this is after school, 2nd one from Kasin Charity (Goldhunga first), including building and operation cost, entire financial support (Rs800,000.00) is backing by KASIN!Last year Nov (2019) while KASIN team was celebrating their last night at Montari two local craftsmen (Dhan BK & Akal BK) joined at the last moment and requested with Pat for a support on the education of their kids. Their concer was home learning and homework issues. Most of them never been school and hardly can help on the needs of kids academic part. They know most of their kids do brilliant jobs on the earlier school days but after years, they become weaker at the classroom and at end they stop going their school! They knew why and that is how they arrived to KASIN!The smart leaders of KASIN immediately said ‘Yes’ and now it is there, class just started!An honest,hardworking, brilliant guy (first one from that community, doing masters in education, administration head at a highly reputed pre-school called Tinyseeds, in Kathmandu) Raju BK was chosen as team leader and all job were done while the entire world was lockdown at their own home!Thank you