Tents enable teaching to resume

Jyoti Adhikari (Vice President & Co-ordinator in Nepal) has sourced some large tents so that teaching can resume for the children in the Phulkarka region. Some furniture is now needed, desks,tables chairs, whiteboards etc. for about 18 schools. KASIN is sending a further £2500 for this.

The furniture will be made by local craftsmen. It is very difficult to get anything transported to Phulkharka and this will give some much needed employment. The idea is not to provide money but to encourage self-reliance. There are plenty of craftsmen around and this will be a good way of supporting the local community as well as enabling the schools to reopen.

We are also planning to rebuild one of the primary schools, possibly at Dhadakarka. This will be designed to be earthquake resistant. An engineer will visit the site shortly and provide some clear costings. A community management committee will be set up to oversee the project.”

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