How you can help

Support Henry as between now and 21st April he is going to run and cycle 17.5km x 2 (which is from Base Camp to the top of Mount Everest and back again twice). His target is to raise £1000 for KASIN.

Hi! My name is Henry and I’ll be taking on the challenge of running and cycling the equivalent distance of going up and down Mount Everest!, which is around 17.6km in total and I have planned to run 17.6km and cycle 17.6km. So in total, I’ll be travelling 35.2KM! I’ll be pushing myself to my limits to raise money for the charity KASIN.”

Water to Go

KASIN has been given a great deal by Water to Go! Stay refreshed and energized on your trekking adventures with self-water filtering bottle, ensuring clean hydration every step of the way.
Unlock a 10% discount on your purchase with code Ecotrek10 and contribute 25% of your purchase amount to KASIN (Kids at School in Nepal).

If you are a school and wish to develop a link with a school in Nepal, we can help set it up, please contact us

Sponsor a child at school in East Nepal for the cost of a glass of wine a week.

Organise a fundraising event. To create a fundraising page click here.

If you are a school you could organise a non-uniform fundraiser, we are happy to come and give presentations to the children