Peak Poetry Book

Coming soon…Peak Poetry– a book to celebrate KASIN’s 20th anniversary in 2025.

We are working on a very special poetry book, edited by Kathryn Beevor, to tell the story of our work in Nepal. It will be an uplifting read of Peak Moments with contributions by well-known British and Nepalese poets, the Gurkhas and school children.

The book will raise vital funds for our work. More details to follow.

An example of rebuilding, a characteristic of KASIN’s work, can be found in this Year 7 pupil’s view.


In the quiet of the morning

The birds take to the skies,

As the sun rises, a new day is dawning,

A chance to make things right.

If you look up at the night sky,

Amidst the stars shining bright,

You’ll see just you and I,

Together bathed in moonlight.    

By Leo a pupil from Thorpe House School, Gerrards Cross, Bucks