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Our mission statement:-
All children have the right to a decent education. We are helping children from disadvantaged communities in rural Nepal to realise their full potential”

How are we helping?

Providing Teacher Training
Teacher TrainingWe have developed excellent links with an experienced group of Nepali Teachers and University Lecturers. Over the last 3 years we have funded twice yearly sessions lasting several days and have provided… more
Providing Classrooms & Equipment
Providiong Classrooms & EquipmentIn 2013 we provided a new classroom for one of the more disadvantaged schools in the region at Dhadakarka. The older classrooms had mud floors and the walls were cracking as monsoon rains swelled… more
Setting Up Classroom Links
Setting Up Classroom LinksWe are in the process of encouraging  links between Tamang Kharka and Shree Mandali Schools and Bradley and Water Street  Primary Schools in North Yorkshire. In November we took messages from staff and children to Nepal and worked with the children in Nepal to return their messages .
Helping with the inauguration of Phulkharka Agricultural College
Phulkharka Agricultural CollegeThis college was built in 2013 by the Italian Charity Fruili Mandi. In order to attract teachers and students, KASIN has funded an inaugural 4 day visit by experts and professors from… more

What we hope to do in the future

Dhadakarka School
Dhadakharka SchoolDadakharka is by far the most disadvantaged of the local communities. It is composed of a very different tribal group experiencing a much greater degree of poverty. School attendance and literacy rates are lower… more