Dhadakharka School

Headmaster: Kamal Bahadur Thade

dhad1 Dhadakharka School has 100 children aged 3 to 8 years and is in the poorest area of the valley. The buildings are old and crumbling and the roof leaks so much that the school has to close during the monsoon period. There is a good water supply but no toilets.



2014 report by Trustee Liz Wherity

dhad4We had a lovely welcome from the staff and children of the school, the Headteacher Kamal Bahdur Thade was at a meeting but came in later.

There are now 85 children at the school, between 3 and 8 years old. There are 5 teachers, and 3 have already been to Harihar’s training. The teacher’s were enthusiastic about the training and they would love some more.

The school now has toilets and Wendy’s classroom is built although it is not very well finished off with poor lighting. The rest of the school is a crumbling mess and the classrooms have no floors, only mud and stone. There are a few benches and an odd poster and very few other resources.

The Head Teacher wrote us a letter with a price list, asking for more help. For a small amount of money this school could be vastly improved and as the community are very poor, we don’t feel they could help themselves very much. The Trustees will seek independent advice on the cost of improvements at this school.

What we hope to do in the future for Dhadakharka School

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