KASIN’s new Patron

KASIN has a new patron!

New Patron Professor Padam Simkhada

A welcoming handshake from KASIN President Arthur Benbow

Today the trustees travelled to Liverpool to meet Professor Padam Simkhada who has recently been appointed as Associate Dean for the Faculty of Education, Health and Community at Liverpool John Moores University. The first ever Nepali Professor to be appointed in the UK, it’s an amazing coincidence that he comes from Tamang Kharka and was educated at one of the schools that we help to support. We are very much looking forward to working with him on our future projects.

New School planned for Dhadakhrka

As a result of the amazing support we have had since the tragic news of the earthquake we now have almost enough funding to rebuild the small primary school for 80 children at Dhadakharka. one of the most needy and marginalised communities in the Phulkharka region.


This picture shows the ruins of Dhadakharka school and the temporary shelters in use at the moment.




The new school will be designed to be as earthquake resistant as possible and we will take advice from the experts.  We have had some initial plans drawn up and here are a few extracts.


Tents enable teaching to resume

Jyoti Adhikari (Vice President & Co-ordinator in Nepal) has sourced some large tents so that teaching can resume for the children in the Phulkarka region. Some furniture is now needed, desks,tables chairs, whiteboards etc. for about 18 schools. KASIN is sending a further £2500 for this.

The furniture will be made by local craftsmen. It is very difficult to get anything transported to Phulkharka and this will give some much needed employment. The idea is not to provide money but to encourage self-reliance. There are plenty of craftsmen around and this will be a good way of supporting the local community as well as enabling the schools to reopen.

We are also planning to rebuild one of the primary schools, possibly at Dhadakarka. This will be designed to be earthquake resistant. An engineer will visit the site shortly and provide some clear costings. A community management committee will be set up to oversee the project.”

School Support

We have been receiving some fantastic support from schools in the UK.

water_streetOn Thursday Water Street School in Skipton had a fund raising day and…


hill_houseHill House International Junior School have organized a non-uniform day to raise money.


We are very grateful for their involvement.


EarthBag Houses

soil bag house 1The project to build EarthBag houses was started by Jyoti Adikari, Director of Holy Himalaya Ecotrek and our Vice president and Coordinator on the ground in Nepal.

This inexpensive method to create structures which are both strong and can be quickly built is ideal for the urgent need for housing before the start of the monsoon.

soil bag houseThese pictures show the technique that evolved from historic military bunker construction and temporary flood-control dike building methods. The technique requires very basic construction materials: sturdy sacks, filled with inorganic material usually available on site.


A big thank you

To all the amazing people out there who have donated so generously to our cause

Below is just one example of the incredible response we have had.

“Dear Kids at School in Nepal,

We have been very touched by the recent disaster happened in Nepal.

Last Saturday was the birthday party of our two children: Maia 6 and Teo 3 years old. After discussing with them about the earthquake and the many schools that have been destroyed, it was unanimously decided to raise money for the schools and children in Nepal rather than receiving the birthday gifts.

The response from the little friends and their parents has been amazing and here we are with the donation from Croque La Vie Montessori School’s students and families.

We are positive you will make the best use of this donation and we would love very much a reply from you so that we can share in the class the great job you are doing.

Good Luck and thank you! Chiara & Andrea Lazzarini Viti “