A big thank you

To all the amazing people out there who have donated so generously to our cause

Below is just one example of the incredible response we have had.

“Dear Kids at School in Nepal,

We have been very touched by the recent disaster happened in Nepal.

Last Saturday was the birthday party of our two children: Maia 6 and Teo 3 years old. After discussing with them about the earthquake and the many schools that have been destroyed, it was unanimously decided to raise money for the schools and children in Nepal rather than receiving the birthday gifts.

The response from the little friends and their parents has been amazing and here we are with the donation from Croque La Vie Montessori School’s students and families.

We are positive you will make the best use of this donation and we would love very much a reply from you so that we can share in the class the great job you are doing.

Good Luck and thank you! Chiara & Andrea Lazzarini Viti “

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