Reports received from the schools in our sponsorship program

We have had 2 detailed reports one from Deonia school and the other from Moran School not far away in Maheshpur. We sponsor 51 students at Maheshpur ( mainly the children of the tea plantation workers ) and a further 33 at Deonia. The amount of sponsorship the children get is dependent on their family situation . 
This has been a a very effective project for KASIN and the sponsorship has made a huge difference to the lives of these children. 

Water Supply and new sanitary block at Tamang Kharka is now finished

Stage 1 of the 5 year plan for Tamang Kharka is now complete after 3 months work . The improvements were much needed as there was little water available for washing and flushing the toilets and a complete lack of safe drinking water. Many thanks to Kadoori for enabling this. Even more important to have washing facilities available during the Covid outbreak.

New After School Building starts in Phulkharka

Following the great success of our After School project in the Kathmandu Valley we are rolling out the model in a remote community near Phulkharka. We are providing the building materials and the local community are giving their labour free of charge.
On completion we will commit to funding the
salary of a teacher and 2 teaching assistants